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Start date: 2019-05-30

Fishing Log Entries

Date Location Statistics Note
Jun 12th rating More's Creek, ID   2 fish 1.0 hrs 2.0 fish/hr This was my first fly fishing outing of the yea...
Jun 11th rating Spring Creek, PA   19 fish 3.0 hrs 6.3 fish/hr Biggest fish was a 13 inch wild brown trout!
Jun 9th rating South Holston Lake, TN   2 fish 2.0 hrs 1.0 fish/hr Pontoon
Jun 8th rating Rock ledge, MA   33 fish - - Well, week 2 at the rock ledge and a exceptiona...
Jun 2nd rating South Holston Lake, TN   1 fish 1.0 hrs 1.0 fish/hr Pontoon-Troiling
Jun 1st rating Rock ledge, MA   5 fish 5.0 hrs 1.0 fish/hr What a great way to start the season in search ...