Arizona Fishing Log Entries

Below are all of the public fishing logs for Arizona. You can refine these results by selecting one of the fishing locations. Or, you can return to the browse page to choose a different state.

Fishing Logs

Date Location Statistics Note
May 4th rating Big Lake, AZ   1 fish 0.8 hrs 1.2 fish/hr Fished at Lee Valley Lake first and did not hav...
Apr 30th rating Tami's Pond, AZ   7 fish 3.0 hrs 2.3 fish/hr Caught the largemouth on the first cast. Had se...
Apr 2nd rating Fool Hollow Lake, AZ   0 fish 3.0 hrs 0.0 fish/hr
Apr 2nd rating Show Low lake, AZ   0 fish 1.5 hrs 0.0 fish/hr
Oct 1st rating Alamo Lake, AZ   52 fish 10.0 hrs 5.2 fish/hr All the bites were on the far side of the lake ...
Sep 8th rating Co River, AZ   2 fish 2.0 hrs 1.0 fish/hr spear fishing beach past car beach!
Sep 1st rating Co River, AZ   2 fish 4.6 hrs 0.4 fish/hr labor day hard to fish circle hooks were not ag...