New York Fishing Log Entries

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Fishing Logs

Date Location Statistics Note
Apr 5th rating Leeds pond, NY   0 fish 2.5 hrs 0.0 fish/hr Great fishing casting into the wind one 32” bas...
Apr 4th rating Leeds pond, NY   0 fish 1.0 hrs 0.0 fish/hr Incoming tide near top of tide caught 4 bass tw...
Mar 31st rating Leeds pond, NY   0 fish 1.0 hrs 0.0 fish/hr No fish
Mar 29th rating Leeds pond, NY   0 fish 1.5 hrs 0.0 fish/hr Ni fish yet first trip of season
Apr 1st rating Carmans River, NY   14 fish 3.5 hrs 4.0 fish/hr
Mar 21st rating Kensico, NY   0 fish 1.0 hrs 0.0 fish/hr Fished boat zone 1 from shore. Very shallow. 3-...
Dec 6th rating St Lawrence River, NY   30 fish 8.5 hrs 3.5 fish/hr We went back to the area with the two big house...
Aug 17th rating Diamond L, NY   30 fish 7.0 hrs 4.3 fish/hr Weeds dying creating pockets in the north end; ...
Jul 30th rating Carmans River, NY   0 fish - - Fished below C dam First view of Cedar Wax Win...
Jun 20th rating Orient, NY   2 fish 6.5 hrs 0.3 fish/hr
Jun 14th rating Croton-East Branch, NY   3 fish - -
Apr 26th rating Honeoye Lake, NY   10 fish 6.5 hrs 1.5 fish/hr
Apr 1st rating Oatka Creek, NY   0 fish 3.0 hrs 0.0 fish/hr
Aug 9th rating Shinnecock East cut, NY   1 fish 5.0 hrs 0.2 fish/hr 22 shorts caught All using squid spearing and ...
Jul 29th rating Smiths Point Marina, NY   0 fish - - low tide
Jun 22nd rating Shinnecock Bay North side, NY   1 fish 6.0 hrs 0.2 fish/hr Shorts shorts and more shorts 7 shorts one keeper
Jun 7th rating Shinnecock Bay North side, NY   2 fish - - Released 4 short fluke 14 to 16 inches Squid...
May 7th rating cayuta lake, NY   10 fish 4.0 hrs 2.5 fish/hr blew tire on the way to lake
May 4th rating Honeyoe lake, NY   46 fish 5.0 hrs 9.2 fish/hr
Apr 28th rating Randalls Pond, NY   3 fish - -
Apr 27th rating Honeyoe lake, NY   35 fish 6.1 hrs 5.8 fish/hr X-rap and Jig&pig
Apr 11th rating Waneta Lake, NY   3 fish 4.5 hrs 0.7 fish/hr to earley
Apr 3rd rating Kaydeross, NY   0 fish 5.8 hrs 0.0 fish/hr Very brushy. Impossible for back cast. Roll c...
Mar 19th rating Salmon River, NY   0 fish 6.0 hrs 0.0 fish/hr Few people catching fish. Approx 20 people at ...
Oct 30th rating Carlls River, NY   0 fish - -