North Dakota Fishing Log Entries

Below are all of the public fishing logs for North Dakota. You can refine these results by selecting one of the fishing locations. Or, you can return to the browse page to choose a different state.

Fishing Logs

Date Location Statistics Note
May 30th rating Red River, ND   3 fish 2.8 hrs 1.1 fish/hr Tried dip bait for first time, nothing. Used fa...
May 28th rating Clausen Springs, ND   3 fish 0.7 hrs 4.5 fish/hr Fished off the boat dock facing the old boat ra...
Apr 6th rating Lake Nelson, ND   7 fish 4.0 hrs 1.8 fish/hr Wind was ridiculous. Bass should have been on ...
Apr 5th rating Lake Darling, ND   5 fish 3.0 hrs 1.7 fish/hr
Apr 4th rating Lake Darling, ND   5 fish 6.0 hrs 0.8 fish/hr
Mar 31st rating Lake Nelson, ND   5 fish 6.0 hrs 0.8 fish/hr
Apr 23rd rating Round Lake, ND   2 fish - -