Minnesota Fishing Log Entries

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Fishing Logs

Date Location Statistics Note
May 25th rating GOMH, MN   12 fish 3.0 hrs 4.0 fish/hr 6 Jump 4 Pike 2 Gold (Lost the White Shad Shall...
May 25th rating Platte Lake, MN   12 fish 2.5 hrs 4.8 fish/hr 1 Bass 11 Pike (Bass on the 1st cast, then back...
May 25th rating Platte Lake, MN   30 fish 0.5 hrs 60.0 fish/hr 15 for Dev 15 for Me (I noticed the colony on t...
May 23rd rating GOMH, MN   41 fish 4.0 hrs 10.3 fish/hr 33 Jump 7 Pike 1 Eye (Dinkfest at the GOMH this...
May 23rd rating Platte Lake, MN   17 fish 6.5 hrs 2.6 fish/hr 6 Bass 11 Pike (Missed more than I caught)
May 22nd rating GOMH, MN   25 fish 2.5 hrs 10.0 fish/hr 22 Jump 3 Pike (Biting but the jumpers were mos...
May 21st rating Sullivan Lake, MN   25 fish 6.5 hrs 3.8 fish/hr 21 Bass 4 Pike (Quite a few misses)
Nov 5th rating Gilstad Lake, MN   3 fish 3.5 hrs 0.9 fish/hr Caught and kept 3 hammer handles. Fish were ca...
Feb 3rd rating Greenwood Lake, MN   11 fish 6.0 hrs 1.8 fish/hr
Jun 22nd rating Maple Lake, MN   8 fish 5.5 hrs 1.5 fish/hr
May 20th rating Platte/Sullivan, MN   13 fish 3.6 hrs 3.6 fish/hr Dropped the 18, was probably bigger.
May 10th rating Mississippi River, MN   0 fish 3.0 hrs 0.0 fish/hr Skunked, Minnehaha creek was at 6 cfs. Saw a f...
Apr 18th rating Sullivan Lake, MN   6 fish 2.0 hrs 3.0 fish/hr
Apr 17th rating Sullivan Lake, MN   28 fish 6.5 hrs 4.3 fish/hr minnows
Apr 17th rating Bulldog Lake, MN   1 fish 0.3 hrs 4.0 fish/hr
Apr 1st rating Platte Lake, MN   1 fish 2.0 hrs 0.5 fish/hr
Mar 28th rating Mille Lacs, MN   1 fish 1.5 hrs 0.7 fish/hr
Jan 30th rating Rock Lake, MN   13 fish 2.3 hrs 5.8 fish/hr minnows with the demon waxie on the THE
Jan 29th rating Rock Lake, MN   13 fish 3.3 hrs 4.0 fish/hr wax worms and minnows
Jan 28th rating Rock Lake, MN   29 fish 4.5 hrs 6.4 fish/hr waxie on THE Jig Got some perch on the Go-Devil
Jan 27th rating Platte Lake, MN   4 fish 2.5 hrs 1.6 fish/hr Missed one other hard tugging fish and a bite o...
Jan 25th rating Sullivan Lake, MN   4 fish 4.5 hrs 0.9 fish/hr maggies were beneath rattle spoon for the shine...
Jan 24th rating Sullivan Lake, MN   1 fish 3.3 hrs 0.3 fish/hr maggots
Jan 24th rating Sullivan Lake, MN   3 fish 2.5 hrs 1.2 fish/hr
Jan 23rd rating Sullivan Lake, MN   2 fish 6.0 hrs 0.3 fish/hr maggots or waxworms