Idaho Fishing Log Entries

Below are all of the public fishing logs for Idaho. You can refine these results by selecting one of the fishing locations. Or, you can return to the browse page to choose a different state.

Fishing Logs

Date Location Statistics Note
May 16th rating Lily, ID   19 fish 6.0 hrs 3.2 fish/hr
Apr 20th rating Crane Falls Lake, ID   7 fish 4.0 hrs 1.8 fish/hr
Mar 8th rating Oster Lake #1, ID   7 fish 1.5 hrs 4.7 fish/hr Calvin and I fished Oster Lake #1 on our way ba...
Nov 3rd rating Boise River, ID   13 fish 1.9 hrs 6.8 fish/hr Tandem rig with the midge up and hares ear down...
Nov 2nd rating Crane Falls, ID   4 fish 3.0 hrs 1.3 fish/hr Tried indicator fishing with no success. Very f...
Oct 27th rating Oster Lake #1, ID   0 fish 1.4 hrs 0.0 fish/hr I hadn't looked at the weather for Twin Falls o...
Oct 27th rating Riley Creek, ID   4 fish 1.0 hrs 3.8 fish/hr After getting skunked on Oster Lake #1, I decid...
Oct 14th rating Boise 21 Bridge Put In, ID   0 fish 0.0 hrs 0.0 fish/hr
Oct 13th rating Mountain View Reservoir, ID   12 fish 5.5 hrs 2.2 fish/hr Continuation of the first trip
Oct 12th rating Mountain View Reservoir, ID   13 fish 7.0 hrs 1.9 fish/hr Had a group of 6 people out this weekend at Mtn...
Oct 11th rating Horsethief Reservoir, ID   12 fish 7.0 hrs 1.7 fish/hr
Oct 8th rating Mounrain View Res - Duck Valley, ID   0 fish - -
Sep 21st rating Boulder Res, ID   1 fish 1.0 hrs 1.0 fish/hr
Sep 9th rating Indian Creek, ID   5 fish 1.9 hrs 2.7 fish/hr
Sep 1st rating Indian Creek, ID   6 fish 2.6 hrs 2.4 fish/hr
Sep 1st rating Boise River, ID   0 fish 1.5 hrs 0.0 fish/hr Good caddis hatch
Aug 27th rating Celebration Park, ID   2 fish 1.7 hrs 1.2 fish/hr
Aug 26th rating Boise River, ID   4 fish 2.7 hrs 1.5 fish/hr
Aug 24th rating Boise River, ID   12 fish 2.5 hrs 4.7 fish/hr
Aug 24th rating Boise River, ID   0 fish 2.5 hrs 0.0 fish/hr
Aug 17th rating Boise River, ID   2 fish 2.0 hrs 1.0 fish/hr
Aug 14th rating Selway River, ID   7 fish - -
Aug 14th rating Boise River, ID   2 fish 1.0 hrs 2.0 fish/hr Melissa and I fished on the Boise River for abo...
Aug 6th rating Boise River, ID   2 fish 3.0 hrs 0.7 fish/hr
Jul 4th rating Round Lake, ID   6 fish 1.5 hrs 4.0 fish/hr