Potomac River (Brunswick), MD

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Smallmouth Bass

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100 12" Green Bitsy Tube 2 3/4"
100 12"
Total: 100 fish Top Patterns: Bitsy Tube 2 3/4" (100)


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Went out and did the stretch from point of Rocks up close to New Brunswick. Got out early and the Morning bite was really good. The shallows on certain stretches of the Virginia side were really good. We focused on the deep pockets close to the current. The main channel of the River was really cloudy and murky from the big thunderstorms the day before, especially where Catoctin Creek comes into the river. The bite in the murky water was not that good. And we found ourselves sticking closer to the shore and we seemed to do ok with that. The afternoon bite however was non-existent due to the fact that it was Africa Hot out there. Found myself dunking myself under water a lot just to stay cool. The fish were really finicky on size and color of bait too. I had luck with plastics (small) tubes and grubs with brownish/green colors in them. I tried just about everything but couldn’t seem to get a bite unless is was from my brownish/green tubes. I was using 2.75 in bitsy tubes, the larger tubes didn’t appeal to even the larger fish. The size was decent nothing to write home about but good, a few in the 16 to 18 but most in that 10 to 14inch range, with of course the odd ball miniature one grabbing onto lures half his size. The bite was consistent up until about 2pm, then it was just to freaking hot and it was really slow, but from 7am till around Noon it was fast action, between me and my buddy we probably caught 40 to 50 each. Hope you all had a good weekend and if you got out and fished it went well.