Loch Raven, MD

Below the small dam.

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Outing Information

Start/End Time
9:30am to 2:30pm
Best Fishing Time
11:00am to 12:00pm
Water Temp
Water Clarity
Clear - 5'+ visibility
Water Level
Little Low
Brian Peacock

Fish Caught


Caught Avg Size Pattern Optional Fields
1 19" Pearle Blue Shad/Scales Berkley Power Minow 3"
1 19"

Largemouth Bass

Caught Avg Size Pattern Optional Fields
1 10" Pearle Blue Shad/Scales Berkley Power Minow 3"
1 10"
Total: 2 fish


Mostly Cloudy X X
None X X
Light - 5 to 10 knots X X
Air Temp High/Low
38.0°F / -
Wind Direction
Weather Front
30 .34s
Moon Phase
31% Full (Waning crescent)

Other Patterns Tried

  • Shad Rapala Susp. Jointed Shad Rap
  • Gold Big Mouth Spinner Bait / Double blade / Indiana style
  • Purple, Yellow , Orange Rapala X- Rap #8


No hatch information for this outing.

Insect Seining

No seining information for this outing.

Fishing Partners

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I came out today to try to see if there were any Bass susspending on either point by Loch Raven Rd. Bridge but my dumb ass forgot that you can't get to the bridge on the week ends untill after 5:00pm so I opted to go to the dam, there is deep water and there is realy no where to go for the fish. The water was just trickling over the dam from the almost 2" of rain the day before the water was clear up by the dam but muddyed up as I walked down stream. I think if I could have been on the other side of the stream ( the northern side ) where the sun was shinning all day the water was warming up from the Sun , the Warm Rain from the night before ( storm came up from the south ) and murkie water warms faster than clear water does. And the fact that there was 3 Great Blue Herons all on the " Sunny Side " really makes me think that I was on the wrong side but can't wait to get the boat there when the spawn starts. Oh yeah caught the bass on a 1/8 oz. jig head white and a pearl blue with flake 3" berkly power minnow on a bobber set abouut 6-7 foot deep . Standing on the point of the wall right below the dam fishing right on the rock drop off that run paralell to the dam and about30 foot of the dam water depth drops from 3' to 9'.