Pool 5, WI

Pool 5 Bel light

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Outing Information

Start/End Time
8.30a to 2.30p
Best Fishing Time
8.30a to 10.30p
Water Temp
Water Clarity
Water Level
Don DeShong

Fish Caught


Caught Avg Size Pattern Optional Fields
30 7" #4
30 6" #4
60 5" #4
120 5¾"
Total: 120 fish Top Patterns: Unspecified (120)


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Insect Seining

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fished with Butch and his brother John.
fished in water about 9 - 11 feet deep and 7 yards east of the light.
best bait was nightcrawlers.
Best rig was a rodney rig useing a pretied double surgeons dropper loop. The setup used two sickle #4 hooks with the top black and bottom red. It was tied on 12 # Berkley Vanish. The 8 lb sinker tag was about 6 inches long. The lower hook was about 4 inches above the elastic. The upper hook was about 8 inches to a foot above the lower hook.
Keep the hooks within 20 inches of the bottom if possible and about 8 inches apart.
tried fluorescent c

Bluegills and a variety of other fish like the water about 10 feet deep near the lights. They occasionaly stop feeding entireley. A big fish has swam in and that would be the time to have a bluegill set up on another pole.

This is a good area to fish.


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Objective 1, Use Cubby Mini Might in chartreuse under a float approximately 3 feet below the surface and also about 1 foot above the bottom
Objective 2 Use the wiggle rig with a sickle hook in size 4 since this particular size worked so well at Nekoosa a year ago.
Objective 3 Use the wiggle rig with an aberdeen type hook in about a size 6.

Learned from Butch. Butch caught his bluegill using a size 8 or possibly size 6 gold jig hook with a brass snap a piece of nightcrawler or a piece of worm. If the bluegills were a little shy he would not use the snap and swivel. The snap and swivel may scare away some of the smaller bluegills. Perhaps the larger baits do the same thing.
Objective 3

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