Davis Lake, OR

South East Shore Line

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Outing Information

Start/End Time
7:00am to 12:00pm
Best Fishing Time
7:00am to 12:00pm
Water Temp
Water Clarity
Clear - 5'+ visibility
Water Level
Kelvin Kempfer


Fish Caught

Largemouth Bass

Caught Avg Size Pattern Optional Fields
2 3¾ lbs #4/0 Dark Green Popper
2 3¾ lbs
Total: 2 fish Top Patterns: Popper (2)


Mostly Sunny X
Cloudy X
None X
Rain - Heavy X
None X
Light - 5 to 10 knots X
Air Temp High/Low
75.0°F / 64.0°F
Wind Direction
Weather Front
Today followed a warm front.
29.99 rising
Moon Phase
47% Full (First quarter)

Other Patterns Tried

No other pattern information for this outing.


No hatch information for this outing.

Insect Seining

No seining information for this outing.

Fishing Partners

Bret Michalski


No waypoints were saved with this outing.


Moon Cycle: First Quarter

It had been a very long time since I last fished Davis Lake. So long that upon arrival I was surprised at all of the changes. There had been a fire in the area making the lake visible from the main road. Also, the road I was accustomed to using had been closed and a new road built to the access point I had used in the past. In addition to the burn and the chances in the road, the water level was down making it for a long kick in float tubes to reach the place we wanted to fish for the bass. We decided to go back to remaining section of the original road and kick on out to the area we would fish.
Bret, his first time fishing Davis Lake, caught the first bass using a popper. I had a strike shortly after that on the popper I was using. I eventually worked my way out along the edge of the weed line and fished the edge for the remaining part of the time. The first bass I caught was a surprise. I had my head turned and heard and felt the strike. I was a little disappointed because I did not see the strike. That is the whole point of using a top water fly. Still, the catch was very rewarding. One hour after the first one I caught my second bass. I was working the weed line placing the popper about a foot into the weed line. As soon as the popper landed the strike occurred and the action started. This time I was able to witness it all. It wasn't long after the second catch lighting forced us off the lake.


jake kempfer

Way to go dad. Its nice to see you had a good time. The bass looks pretty healthy to. Can not wait to go fishing with you. I know its soon, still i can not wait. I am looking forward to it