Owyhee River, OR

Above power lines, across from campground

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Outing Information

Start/End Time
11:00am to 5:00pm
Best Fishing Time
Water Temp
Water Clarity
Stained - 1' to 3' visibility
Water Level
Tony Broderick

Fish Caught

Rainbow Trout

Caught Avg Size Pattern Optional Fields
1 14" #18 Brown Yellow dot crackle back
1 14"

Brown Trout

Caught Avg Size Pattern Optional Fields
4 18" #18 Brown Yellow dot crackle back
1 16" #20 Gray CDC Caddis Adult
1 25" #20 Pale Yellow pale Morning dun
6 18.83"
Total: 7 fish Top Patterns: Yellow dot crackle back (5) pale Morning dun (1) CDC Caddis Adult (1)


Sunny X X
None X X
Light - 5 to 10 knots X X
Air Temp High/Low
91.0°F / 80.0°F
Wind Direction
Weather Front
Moon Phase
24% Full (Waning crescent)

Other Patterns Tried

No other pattern information for this outing.


  • 18 pale Pale Morning Dun Ephemeroptera Ephemerella

Insect Seining

No seining information for this outing.

Fishing Partners

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Great day of fishing. Stayed in one area the whole time. Water was cold, murky, with mild amt of flowing algae. Tough wading, a lot of sharp angled, algae covered rocks - really needed a staff to do it safely.
First off, gotta thank Angler's for setting me up on the flies. Used a #20 yellow-dot crackleback (?). Looks like a pheasant tail but a yellow dot on the case. Used it as the bottom dropper. Caught both with lead and free-float.
Nymphed for most of the day, caught most that way. Had a PMD hatch ~3:30. Lots of bugs, casted to the risers. Seemed most risers were on the other bank, hard to get to cuz of difficult wading. Got two that way. Caught a HUGE ~25" brown at the end. Was getting ready to leave and figured try for one lone riser I saw. It was a monster - took a while to get in. Striiped yards of line. Barely fit the net. Great closer for the day.
Angler's rocks.