Owyhee River, OR

Regular Hole

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Outing Information

Start/End Time
5:40pm to 7:20pm
Best Fishing Time
Water Temp
Water Clarity
Murky - <1' visibility
Water Level
Jason Hansen

Fish Caught

Brown Trout

Caught Avg Size Pattern Optional Fields
1 19" #10 Mahogany Comparadun
1 18" #10 Mahogany Comparadun
1 17" #10 Mahogany Comparadun
1 16" #20 Olive Parachute Midge Emerger
1 14" #10 Mahogany Comparadun
1 14" #16 Brown Clear Wing Spinner
1 10" #20 Olive Parachute Midge Emerger
7 15.43"
Total: 7 fish Top Patterns: Comparadun (4) Parachute Midge Emerger (2) Clear Wing Spinner (1)


Sunny X X
None X X
None X
Light - 5 to 10 knots X
Air Temp High/Low
60.0°F / 50.0°F
Wind Direction
Weather Front
Moon Phase
0% Full (New)

Other Patterns Tried

No other pattern information for this outing.


  • Blue-Winged Olive Ephemeroptera Baetis
  • Mahogany Dun Ephemeroptera Paraleptophlebia
  • Midge Diptera

Insect Seining

No seining information for this outing.

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The water has lowered to the winter level I think - it is very very low. There wasn't much, if any, current at the regular hole. This made it somewhat difficult to cast to rising fish since it would take a long time to get a drift past a fish. That, coupled with the early wind, made casting to a small spot difficult. There were tons of fish rising though - very very impressive. I started fishing around Zak's rock and was easily able to wade around the entire area thanks to the lower flows. I caught 6 of my fish there, then caught one more up by Rock Island. 7 fish in under 2 hours is pretty good, but I had some serious dead time where I wasn't catching fish and they were rising everywhere. The lack of current required you to cast directly above a fish; otherwise if you casted too far upstream you'd have to wait an hour for the fly to drift down in front of them. The wind made casting accurately difficult.