Melhorn Pond, PA

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7:30am to 8:30am
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Largemouth Bass

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MOST RIDICULOUS FISHING EXPERIENCE EVER. Went to Melhorn to see if new Bluegill crankbait would work for Largemouth Bass. No success so I netted small sunny and hooked him up. No action for 10 minutes. Left rod sit with 5 lb rock resting on handle. Walked to get charging phone out of car. 15-20 steps away I heard a crashing sound. Ran back over and fishing rod was completely gone, nowhere in sight. Hooked crankbait and 2 oz. sinker up with spare rod and began casting. On about the 5th cast I hooked my line and felt the fish still on the line.. Got to my lure and it was tangled with the line. After 2 minutes of trying to unknot it the large channel catfish ran and snapped the line. I should have pulled him in by hand right away.