Pyramid Lake, NV

Warrior Point; Windless Bay; South Nets

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Outing Information

Start/End Time
11am to 8pm
Best Fishing Time
Water Temp
Water Clarity
Clear - 5'+ visibility
Water Level
Jason Hansen

Fish Caught

Cutthroat Trout

Caught Avg Size Pattern Optional Fields
1 20" #10 Purple Pyramid Tadpole
1 20"
Total: 1 fish


Mostly Cloudy X X X
None X X X
Light - 5 to 10 knots X X X
Medium - 10 to 15 knots X X X
Air Temp High/Low
61.0°F / 29.0°F
Wind Direction
Weather Front
Moon Phase
17% Full (Waning crescent)

Other Patterns Tried

No other pattern information for this outing.


No hatch information for this outing.

Insect Seining

No seining information for this outing.

Fishing Partners

Eric Kafka
Karl Sloth
Zak Stroud


No waypoints were saved with this outing.


We got a late start to the day. We camped at the South Nets - I got up pretty early, a bit after light, and Zak was already up. He had been watching a variety of people fishing and no one had caught anything. The bunch of fish that had been in the shallows the previous day seemed to be gone, so we didn't bother fishing there.

We started off at Warrior Point and saw a couple fish caught. I don't think any of us had any hits in the hour+ we fished there. Up next we fished Windless Bay - I landed 1 and hand another on, but that was all any of us managed. I did see a group of 3 a ways away from us land a couple fish.

We tried a few spots in the afternoon, including hitting the South Nets again (the North Nets were packed). Nothing. We fished until dark back at Windless Bay and Karl and Eric had hits, but landed nothing. Zak and I had no hits.

I fished throughout the day switching off between my sinking tip on the 8wt with a variety of tadpoles and leeches, and going with the hang and bob.