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Fish Swami was born in the minds of myself and a couple college friends (search for users zstroud and splashbuilders) as we would easily remember the highlights of fishing trips past, but would struggle to recall what the weather was like, whether the wind was blowing, or which flies had worked best during those trips. Our initial thoughts turned towards keeping a relatively simple written fishing journal; however, as I changed majors from Civil Engineering to Computer Science and became more adept at programming and web design, it was easy for us to discuss ways to take a written log several steps further. Building an online fishing log was a logical first step where we, as fishing partners, could not only shared our individual fishing logs with each other, we could share them with anyone who wanted to see them.

This idea begot more extravagent ideas, such as being able to produce simple queries where an angler could see which fly or lure had caught the most fish in previous years. But even this idea pales now when compared with Fish Swami's Fishing Log Empirical Analyser System, a system where 1..n fishing-related parameters can be specified and queried against the fishing log database, and results can be grouped again in 1..n ways. This system and the results it produces will be the focus of many Fish Swami blogs to come.

As I have developed Fish Swami into a powerful online fishing log, I have seen a need to promote and discuss the rich feature set that is being developed behind-the-scenes. My goal is not to simply create web-based add/edit/delete functionality, but to create a community for anglers to share fishing logs and thoughts. To this end, I will be adding the ability to add Comments to fishing logs so that anglers can not only view other anglers' logs, but also stir up a discussion around the log.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.


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Computer Science? What were you thinking?!?! :^)

Yes the site is useful and enjoyable. Nice work.


It is a good thing you have such intelligent friends. Great work on the site. It is better than I ever imagined.

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