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Fish Swami App

Fish Swami now has a mobile app to help you get more out of your fishing trips! The app allows you to log your fishing trips while you're out on the water, even if you're out of cell service. GPS tracks are automatically created while you fish, so it's easy to see where you fished and where you caught fish. Any fishing logs you enter in the app will be synched with the Fish Swami site, so you can also view those same logs on your computer. The mobile app is available for iOS and Android phones.

Here are some of the current features of the app, with more features being actively developed.

Offline Mode

One of the principal reasons the app was developed was to allow anglers to take their fishing logs with them, wherever they went. Instead of needing to review past fishing logs before each trip, you can browse all of your fishing logs on your phone, even without cell service. Any fishing logs, flies, lures, waypoints, waters, etc. that you create while you're out fishing will be saved to Fish Swami once you're back in cell service.

Live Fishing Session

The app supports two modes for entering a fishing log – the first is by starting a live fishing session, and the second is by manually filling in details about your trip. If you start a live fishing session, Fish Swami will:

  • Record a track of where you fished
  • Record the location and time of each fish you caught
  • Record the trip's start/end time

The track and fish locations will be displayed on a map once you save the fishing log.

The live fishing session also has a couple features to help add catch information quickly. "Catch Shortcuts" are one-touch buttons for adding caught fish, and "Recent Catches" pre-fills in catch information from recent catches, allowing you to modify the catch information before saving it.


The app supports adding photos to your fishing logs both while you are fishing, and for previously-saved fishing logs.

USGS Sites

Many of the major waters in the US are monitored by the United States Geological Survey. For these waters, the USGS provides historical and current water level and water temperature values. In the app (and on the website), you can edit your Water to link it to a USGS site. When a water is linked to a USGS site, water level and temperature will be auto-populated into new fishing logs for that water. You can read more about this feature here.


You can add a waypoint at any time from the app. Your current location will be used as the default location, but you can edit the latitude/longitude manually or reposition the waypoint marker on the map to recalculate the waypoint position. When you start a live fishing session, your saved waypoints are displayed on the map along with details about how far the waypoint is from your current position.

Live Fishing Screen
Live Fishing Screen
Fishing Feed Screen
Fishing Feed Screen

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You can also see the app featured on a local news segment in Boise, ID:

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