Free Online Fishing Log

Fish Swami is a free online fishing log. Fish Swami allows you to save detailed information from your fishing trips as fishing logs. These fishing logs can then be shared with your fishing partners, shared with the public, printed, searched, analyzed, and much more.

Fish Swami Features

Here's a list of some of the common features available from Fish Swami.

  • Save your fishing log information
    • Date fished
    • Location
    • Fishing partners
    • Pictures
    • Hours fished
    • Waypoints
    • Outing rating
    • Fish species caught
    • Number of fish caught
    • Average fish length or weight
    • Fly Pattern/Lute/Bait used to catch each fish
    • Number of fish kept and released
    • Water depth
    • Fish depth
    • Retrieve
    • Weather (precipitation, wind, skies, barometer, air temperature)
    • Water temperature, level, and clarity
    • Hatches
    • Insect seining
    • Notes
  • Searchable public fishing logs
  • Fishing log blogs - you can leave comments for individual fishing logs
  • Photo page - view all of your fishing log photos on your photo gallery page
  • Sun and Moon info is calculated automatically for your fishing logs if you enter a waypoint for the fishing log
  • Fishing partner updates - when you enter in a new fishing log, Fish Swami can automatically email all of your fishing partners an update that you have a new fishing log.
  • Fishing partners page allows you to view your fishing partners' protected fishing logs
  • Sort and view your fishing logs by:
    • Chronological order
    • Location
    • Month and Year
    • Day
  • Fishing log analysis and statistics
    • Query your own fishing logs and all public fishing logs based on any of the information saved in fishing logs
    • Year-to-date fish catch statistics are displayed on your home page
    • Real-time statistics are generated and displayed on your home page for monthly catch rates, location catch rates, pattern catch rates, and several other areas of interest

Fishing Log Information

The following information is stored with each fishing log.

General Fishing Information

  • Date
  • Start time / end time
  • Best hours - start time / end time
  • Fishing location
  • Fishing partners
  • Fishing location waypoints
  • Pictures
  • Overall outing rating
  • Fishing log classification

Fish Catch Information

  • Fish species caught
  • Number caught
  • Average size
  • Pattern used (flyfishing, lure, bait)
  • Pattern color
  • Pattern size
  • Notable fish sizes
  • Kept / released
  • Picture
  • Time caught
  • Water depth
  • Fish depth
  • Water type
  • Tippet / leader
  • Retrieve
  • Waypoint
  • Notes

Weather & Water

  • Air temperature hi / low
  • Water temperature
  • Water level
  • Water clarity
  • Barometer
  • Skies (sunny, cloudy, etc)
  • Precipitation (none, rain, snow, etc)
  • Wind (none, light, medium etc)


  • Other patterns tried
  • Hatch information (species, size, color)
  • Seining information (species, size, color)
  • Notes

Why Keep a Fishing Log?

Not sure if you feel like taking the time after each fishing trip to document how many fish you caught, how you caught them, etc? While it seems daunting, often it takes just 5 minutes to fill out a complete fishing log entry. This information is valuable because Fish Swami offers multiple tools to help you analyze the data saved from your fishing logs. From your fishing logs, you can answer such questions as:

  • What fly or lure works best for me on the Big Hole River during June?
  • How many fish have I caught this year, grouped by lure or pattern?
  • What were the weather conditions like when I fished Strawberry Reservoir the past 5 years?

Without keeping a fishing log, it's easy to get frustrated with being unable to remember patterns used, water levels, weather, etc. from previous years' "great fishing days." With Fish Swami, all of your fishing log information is available 24/7 from any computer.

Here is an article on Keeping a Fishing Log for saltwater fishing by Ron Brooks.